Caring for Your Equipment Through the Summer Months

If you’ve purchased skis, you understand: this equipment isn’t cheap. Ski equipment is an investment, and most athletes use their gear for years—even decades. The long-term nature of this purchase points up the importance of proper off-season storage. If you own skis or a snowboard, you should do more to protect them than simply throwing the equipment into a basement or attic. Sheds, garages, and unfinished cellars and attics are terrible places to store your equipment, especially if the local summer weather is hot and humid.

If you’re trying to preserve your ski equipment, opt for a temperature- and moisture-controlled environment. Closets are a great option, but if you don’t have the space, purchase a ski bag and store the equipment under your bed. Some skiers choose to turn their equipment into decoration, opting instead to hang them on a living room wall. Review what’s in your budget and how much effort you’re willing to put into storage, then act accordingly.

If you need a ski or snowboard tune-up, immediately post season is the best time to get the work done. Most recreational skiers wait until October or November to get their equipment tuned, but this is a mistake. It can be difficult to get your equipment done in a timely manner, and you may end up paying significantly more for the service. Most importantly, a post-season tune-up is an excellent way to assess the condition of your equipment. If you find that the skis are completely worn down, you can use the summer months to shop for new equipment, which is often available at significantly discounted prices. Preventative maintenance is the best way to preserve your gear, so don’t put off your tune-up.

A summer tune-up will likely include the application of summer wax, which protects skis when they are not in use. The wax is then removed in the fall when you’re ready to hit the slopes. If your tune-up doesn’t include this service, ask your board shop to add it—it’ll save years on your skis if you do it every summer.