Finding Off-Season Jobs to Fund Your Ski Habit

With seasonal activities come seasonal jobs, and the Maryland job market is no exception to this rule. Though the state has just one ski resort, thousands of Maryland residents sign up to be ski instructors, chairlift operators, or touring guides every year. Though they may not stay in Maryland, instead opting to live seasonally in the far Northeast states, seasonal workers return to the Maryland job market in force every summer. However, looking for summer and autumn work doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get a desk job. In fact, you can continue to spend time outside year-round if you find the right position. Below, we have listed a few popular seasonal job positions returning ski industry workers.


Watersports Instructor—Maryland has a lot of coastline, which means state residents are bound to have an intense interest in watersport recreation. From sailing to jet skiing, seasonal workers with sports instructing experience can find work teaching people to love the water. Consider applying for swim, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, and lifeguarding certifications and jobs. Want something a bit more exciting? Applying to work seasonally on large yachts can present opportunities for travel and a stable income.

Mountain Guide—Training to become a fully qualified mountain guide is a serious undertaking, but the reward is very high: you’ll be able to command a high wage and earn a decent living year-round. This is a great way to spend time outdoors, and you should be able to get a good amount of summer work once you’ve achieved your certification. Ski instructors should also look into climbing and guiding work; Maryland isn’t known for its mountains, but the Appalachian trail passes through the state for around forty miles. Turn to your local Appalachian Mountain Club chapter to look for job opportunities.

Landscaping—While not as exciting as becoming an instructor or mountain guide, landscaping is a lucrative, reliable, and physically difficult seasonal job that many ski workers find themselves utilizing. Making decent money, spending the day outside, staying in shape, and avoiding the terrifying monotony of an office job? Doesn’t sound half bad.

Retail—This is perhaps the most popular seasonal job out there. Getting a position is fairly easy, the pay is consistent, and you’ll be able to hone the customer service skills you need to be a great resort worker. Additionally, working retail doesn’t mean you have to get a job folding clothes at the GAP. See which ski shops are in your area and ask if anyone is hiring. A job at a ski shop is a perfect opportunity to expand your gear knowledge.