Loving the Maryland Outdoors Through Spring, Summer, and Fall

Being an avid skier in Maryland can be difficult. Most skiers and snowboarders need to leave the state to visit resorts, and many end up taking week-long vacations in the winter to head north or west in search of powder. However, being an avid outdoors lover in Maryland is incredibly easy. The state has a plethora of recreational opportunities, most of which are concentrated in the spring, summer, and fall. If you’re looking for ways to fill the outdoor void in the skiing off-season, this state has more than enough to keep you busy. See below for our favorite Maryland outdoor adventures.


Bike the Rail Trails—Increasingly, abandoned railroad tracks have been paved over and turned into hiking and biking trails. The Western Maryland Rail Trail includes 23 miles of flat, paved bike trail along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, making for a stunning ride. There are more than a dozen rail trails in the state of Maryland, making this an excellent way to get out and explore the state.

Hike Part of the Appalachian Trail—Maryland’s portion of the Appalachian Trail is absolutely picturesque. Spanning forty miles from Pen-Mar to the Potomac River, this span is surprisingly easy—by Appalachian Trail standards, that is. Hikers can easily complete this portion of the trail in a handful of days, some opting to hike the forty miles over long weekends.

Tube the Gunpowder River—Maryland can get pretty hot in the summer, and Baltimore residents might be looking for a way to escape the heat. On even the hottest days, the Gunpowder River rarely rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Drive a few minutes north, rent a tube, and hop into these beautiful and cold waters for a day of relaxing fun.

Camp at Green Ridge—Green Ridge State Forest is the largest public land in the state, clocking in at nearly 48,000 acres. Visitors can camp, hike, hunt, fish, and paddle. The campsites themselves offer just a firepit, allowing Maryland residents to get into the spirit of outdoorsmanship.

Bike the East Coast Greenway—The East Coast Greenway links cities and towns from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida. Several dozens of miles run through Maryland, and around a third of the trails are off-road and open only to non-motorized traffic. This is an adventurous way to experience a historical route while spending time in the state’s beautiful forests.