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This is Joel and Martin. We went to school in St. Mary’s, and while there’ isn’t any snow skiing down there, we have both always liked to. While we were in school, one of our friends mentioned his parents were members of a ski club in Illinois. We thought it was weird, but as he described it in more detail we thought it was pretty cool. We don’t have much plans to create a full club like the one in Illinois or the Fagowees in DC. But here is what we are looking to do.

Mainly, create a site for people in Southern Maryland to understand how to access local skiing and possibly other resorts that aren’t so local.

We have grown up a bit and moved on, but remember well the struggles we faced while in school trying to access skiing and do it cheaply.

Plus it gives us a chance to spend some time together reliving the old days.

(The picture was from Point Break Live, and yes. It was amazing.)